Instant Tea & Extract Series

Instant Tea Series

Instant Black Tea, Instant Green Tea, Instant White Tea, Decaff. Instant Tea, Organic Instant Tea. They can be used to make RTD, Tablet, 3 in 1.

Tea Polyphenols


Herbal Extracts

Chrysanthemum Extract,Ginsen Extract,Ginger Extract,Rose Extract,Grass Jelly Extract,MulBerry Extract and Hibiscus Extract...

Matcha Series

Grade S

It can be compared with Japanese Matcha in quality and is Organic.

Grade A

Nice color, Strong Seaweed flavor, it can be compared with Japanese Matcha in can be used in Superior Ice Cream and Green Latte.

Grade B

Lighter color, Strong Seaweed flavor, it is Good for Ice Cream and Green Latte.

Grade C

Lighter color, Little Bit flavor, it is Good for Bakery and Very sweet Ice cream.

Leaf Tea Series

Black Tea

CTC Black Tea

Decaff. Leaf Tea

Oolong Tea

Green Tea

White Tea

Jasmin Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea


Tea bag,Vacuum Packaging,Can and Box...


Personality development

Fanglu has rich experience and enormous supply system in exporting trade. We could select desperate need of raw materials in different area to research and develop targeted products for customers.

Sufficient supplies

280,000 mu of tea garden will be your supplier of free warehouse. As long as you have purchase plan, we will regularly, fixed point and fixed quantity of the goods ship to customers.

Real detection

We have a series of Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and conventional testing equipment. The management of the laboratory is independent of the whole company structure. The customers can get the most realistic result from the Lab. We accept the third party of inspection.

Perfect system

The company holds international certification, including ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal Cetificate (Shandong Islamic), Star-K Kosher. Food Exporting Hygiene registration, QS certification. Authority approval and in the continuous improvement of the system provide the most secure management for you.

The true scale

We believe that credit is basic characteristic of management. All the production capacity was made after cautiously assessment. The true scale of production capacity can let you assure that the product delivery without considering steady supply.

Detailed traceability

Fanglu traceability is based on the perfect management system. We can be trace to unit of work time and operator. Detailed records prevent all the problems in processing. Each product will be stable.