Safety Center


We holds international certification, including ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal Certificate (Shandong Islamic), Kosher. Food Exporting Hygiene registration, QS certification. Fanglu implement continuous improvement and good operation in strict according to system standard certification.

Online monitoring

For each of the step, online detecting during production and supervised by the top management directly. Monitoring records can reflect the real production conditions and timely processing. Combining proper monitoring tools depend on the different products features in order to achieve a stable product quality assurance purposes.

Monitoring Principle

We have been devoted to enhancing product quality control. We will conduct regular index detection for the products. In addition, we will focus on quality and food safety for the “three inspections”: raw material inspection, blended and delivery inspection. Strict inspection system and complete testing procedures will become the assurance of product safety and stable quality. You will get the highest quality and safety assurance.

Detection Capabilities

We have been trying to use of data on food safety and quality control. The laboratory is independent of all departments, and trying to get certificate which is issued by National Professional Organizations. Testing capabilities cover routine items, nutritional testing and security control (mainly: pesticides testing).

Nutrition testing

We are working for introducing the advance inspection system into the field of tea. We could independently detect main ingredients of tea, e.g.: tea polyphones, caffeine and catechine, clarity.

Security inspection

We have inspection ability of pesticide residues and other food safety project. The inspection capability is in the service of the one of the “three inspections”. Actual date is reflect the real situation of food safety and in strictly screening according with various indicators to ensure "real security."